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Wills & Trusts are very important to people who want to protect and provide for their families after they are gone. We work with people to ensure that the Will and/or Trust they need and want is created properly for them. While there are many online sites that say they will provide an adequate Will, there are state-specific issues that have to be addressed, which these sites often do not. Additionally, everyone’s situation is different, and a simple form Will does not provide for their needs. You do not want to leave something as important as your Will or a Trust in the hands of a person you are not familiar with or an online site that does not have the specifics to work properly within your state and meet your legal needs. It is much better to work with a legal professional face to face, and feel confident in the information you receive. The peace of mind that can come with that is very important to many people, and can go a very long way in helping them feel comfortable about their long term planning. We know that planning out a Will & Trust can seem like a daunting task, but we are here to make sure you feel comfortable with the end result. We know what questions to ask, so we can help you get an end result you feel good about. Your family will be protected and cared for when you are gone, and you will not have worries about whether your documents will be enough to keep them from any financial harm. It is not necessary for you to try to create something alone and hope that it offers what you need. Instead, let us work with you. Tell us what you really need and want from your Will & Trust documents, and let us make sure you get just what you are looking for to protect any future interests. We will also be here to assist your family should any need arise.

Dothan Alabama Wills & Trust Administration

Creating a trust can be an important part of estate planning, but you also want to make sure that the trust you create is administered properly. You may find yourself serving as the Trustee of a trust and you are not really sure if you are “doing it” correctly. We can show you how a trust can be properly administered so as to fulfill its goals and protect you (as the Trustee) from legal liability.
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Wills & Trust Frequently Asked Questions

Will 30 minutes of consultation be enough?
  • Probably yes. In fact, many of your questions can likely be answered by browsing our Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning pages. Also, the bulk of what must be communicated to draft these documents will be asked by us and answered by you in our accompanying questionnaires. You’ll find that the questionnaires themselves provide a lot of guidance. Of course, in the rare case that you do require additional consultation, we would be happy to provide it at our normal hourly rate. Examples of issues that are most likely to result in additional time include adding testamentary trust provisions and failure to fully complete questionnaires.
Do I really need a lawyer to write my will?
  • The simple answer is no. No law requires you to hire a lawyer to draft a will, handle a complex lawsuit, defend against serious criminal charges, etc. However, if a lawyer is involved, you have a knowledgeable person advising and guiding you on how to execute your last wishes. There can be much more to even a simple will than “who gets what.” If you choose to employ our firm to draft your will, we will thoroughly inform you of your options and adhere to relevant state law to ensure that your will is complete and effective. Ultimately, having a will that is not properly drafted or executed is like having no will at all.
Are all those additional documents necessary?
  • Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directives are not necessary, but are highly recommended. Like a will, these documents allow you to make decisions while you still can about your finances and medical care. People often think they will just rely on their friends and family to make the “right decisions” for them without realizing the pressure they may be putting on their loved ones. We encourage you to read more about powers of attorney and advanced directives to learn how careful planning can preserve your resources, comfort your family, and allow you to die with dignity.
How long will it take to complete my will?
  • In order for our firm to begin working on your will, you will speak with one of our attorneys, answer the questionnaire, sign a Representation Agreement, and make payment. After completing these steps, we will present your will to you within one week and schedule an in-office execution, if desired.